Make a greater contribution

Together, we can support each other in becoming more of ourselves - and in that lies endless opportunity

As in any good village, DaVita citizens are encouraged to learn, grow and make a greater contribution in their lives; it is core to who we are. To support this, we offer a number of learning opportunities through DaVita University (DVU) not only to our own teammates, but to the folks who want to come and hear our story.

Whole Person Learning

Unique to DaVita as a Fortune 500 company is this concept, which acknowledges that who we are at work is who we are at home, in our communities and in the world.

Developmental Opportunities

We have created this curriculum to frame the leadership and business education opportunities at DVU in our School of Leadership.

Passionate Approach

Our team is talented and passionate about helping the leaders grow, as the ultimate hope is that growth translates to healthier patients, teams and communities.


“This is not about your management style; it’s about your life.”

Kent Thiry, CEO and Mayor of the DaVita Village

Ready to change your life?

By growing as human beings, we can become better leaders, family members, community leaders, citizens and beyond.

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